StarrForest is an importer and distributor of engineered wood products. Since our beginnings in 2004, we have built lasting business relationships with our domestic and international suppliers, enabling us to offer each of our customers a personalized service and a diverse range of products to meet their needs. These products are sold directly to manufacturers and retailers in Canada and the United States.

Among these products are Russian Birch plywood, blockboard panel, laminated glued post and, most recently, our glulam scaffold plank. Our products are intended for a variety of uses, such as manufacture of engineered wood flooring, staircase, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, coffins, aircraft, aeronautics, wooden boxes for packing and shipping, drawer sides, wood reels, architectural woodwork , construction including formwork and scaffolding.



Russian birch plywood also known as Baltic birch plywood. Imported from Europe and intended for the following uses: engineered wood flooring, staircase, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, coffins, architectural woodwork, formwork, aircraft, aeronautics, wooden boxes for packing and shipping, drawer sides and wood reels.

merisier russe, Russian Birch, Baltic Birch, plywood,


Blockboard panels laminated with a variety of wood species. Imported from Europe. Lighter and easier to machine than Russian birch plywood. It is the ideal product for the cabinetmaking industry, including the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, furniture, doors, coffins and architectural woodwork.


STARR-LAMTM scaffold plank, made of black spruce and pine from the boreal forest, is assembled with structural finger joints and the lamellas are bonded with an exterior-type adhesive. It also features superior mechanical resistance compared to sawn lumber. STARR-LAMTM is certified by the independent agency, APA.


Plywood panel for formwork. Imported from Europe. Better quality and more durable than traditional plywood panels.


Laminated Glulam Post made with pine or spruce. Imported from Europe. The special feature of our product is that it is less prone to cracking than the timber post. In addition, it is easy to machine and process to offer a longer-lasting product.


StarrForest gets its name from “STARR” (Société des technologies appliquées en ressources renouvelables). From our very beginnings, our mission has been to develop and market products based on particular specifications required by our customers in various market arenas. Surrounded by a solid network of business partners, we now offer many custom wood products.


Our success relies on our ability to provide quality products, coupled with an intimate understanding of our clients’ needs.


We are passionate about our organization and its reputation. We are committed to our clients’ success. We build relationships based on trust and respect.


The manufacturing processes and products offered by StarrForest meet the highest safety standards and comply with the most stringent certifications.



Suzanne Auclair has headed up several companies specialized in forestry wood products since the 1990s. Following “la Société des Technologies Appliquées en Ressources Renouvelables” (STARR), TechCana Inc and its subsidiary Pan-O-Starr inc., she founded STARRFOREST in 2004 with her associate, Christian Perron.


Christian Perron has held a variety of key positions with private, public and government held companies during his career. His vast experience has always brought him back to his grass roots in the forest industry. He has a broad spectrum of skills in management and corporate restructuring.