StarrForest gets its name from “STARR” (Société des technologies appliquées en ressources renouvelables). From our very beginnings, our mission has been to develop and market products required by our customers in various market arenas. Surrounded by a solid network of business partners, we now offer many wood products.



In 1997, Suzanne Auclair, raised from childhood in an entrepreneurial environment, created “STARR Inc.” Société des Technologies Appliquées en Ressources Renouvelables.


In 1999, Christian Perron joined up with Suzanne and they reinvented the solid wood panel; the MFC panel is made up of 100% solid wood veneered to yield an excellent added value product.


StarrForest comes on the scene and the founders make an agreement with a Finnish company to distribute their blockboard panel within Canada, a panel with the same characteristics as the STARR-MFC panel. In the pursuit of its activities, StarrForest also added the Russian birch veneer panel and other laminated wood products to its offerings.


STARRFOREST reinvented the jointed and glue laminated wood (glulam) plank for use by the scaffolding industry. Then the company added the glue-laminated post, an innovative product imported from Europe.


Suzanne Auclair

President and founder

After having created a number of companies specialised in wood transformation, Suzanne developed technical expertise that enables her to carry out negotiations with suppliers on an International scale and create business relationships in line with the company’s objectives to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with StarrForest’s products and services.

Christian Perron

Vice-president and founder

Career manager, Christian is responsible for planning and coordination and elaboration of purchasing strategies and marketing strategies. Financing, costs and retail pricing are among his specialties.

Keven-Derick Auclair Savard

VP Sales and Business Development

Keven-Derick brings over a decade of corporate banking and business development experience to Starrforest, with an extensive expertise in proactive customer relationship, new customer acquisition and market development. He distinguished himself through his large involvement with not for profit and charity organizations.

Tony Auclair

Sales of glue-laminated (glulam) products

Tony has extensive experience in the sale of wood products. He is very knowledgeable on the product offerings, their design and manufacturing process. His network of contacts and his self-determination enable him to identify products that may best fit to solve problematic issues experienced in the marketplace.

Tina Auclair

Administrative assistant

Tina has extensive experience in customer services and with StarrForest, she takes care of orders, delivery and follow-up with customers. Her attention to detail is a great asset to both our team and our valued customers.

Brenda Killam

Sales assistant and Accounting

Brenda brings almost 20 years of business related experience to Starrforest Inc. Brenda has a professional accounting formation, which is a great asset for Starrforest Inc.


Wood processing plants

Manufacturers of engineered architectural and/or structural wood products for the construction industry.

Russian birch veneer and blockboard manufacturers

Manufacturers of Russian birch veneer and blockboard destined to the wood-flooring industry, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets sector, coffins, architectural woodwork, stairs, formwork, aircraft, aeronautics, wooden boxes for packing and shipping, drawer sides and wood reels.

International companies requiring large volume purchases and exclusivities for custom products.

Manufacturers of value-added wood products

Manufacturers of value-added wood products in the industry sectors of wood flooring, furniture, kitchen and bathroom cabinets, coffins, stairs, doors and architectural woodwork.